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Frigidaire Home ApplianceFrigidaire home appliances are among the hottest that anyone can purchase and are notable for being products of great performance, convenience, as well as fashion. They are appliances that offer performance and harmony with your individual life style. Anyone can choose from among iceboxes, stoves, dishwashers, freezers, washers and dryers as well as air conditioners and small gadgets.

The Professional Series and The Gallery Series

Frigidaire’s top-of-the-line appliances which represent their Professional Series of products are attractively fashioned and are manufactured in long-lasting brushed stainless steel. Each and every appliance will add a measure of class to the household and will deliver quality in performance as well as style. For the more informal look the Frigidaire Gallery Series will blend in perfectly with any individual’s life style. Through their many meaningful innovations the technology used will provide users with appliances that are simple as well as fashionable.

Plenty of Appliances to Select From


Frigidaire home appliances are well respected in the home appliance industry. Their line of extremely innovative products have been ingeniously designed to anticipate what consumers are looking for, as well as deliver these products to meet such needs. Their refrigerators are choice steel manufactured performance appliances that are well styled items. Many even offer the perfect storage for ice cream cartons by using their Ice Cream Display Chest Freezers.

Cooking Appliances

For the housewife or for anyone that enjoys cooking, there are a variety of cooking conveniences that are a part of Frigidaire home appliance product line of goods. These include integrated ovens, cooking ranges, microwaves, ventilation systems, and cook tops. One can choose from a variety of different models among each product. These appliances are packed with features that will attract any discerning shopper. A great example would be the Hidden Bake Element in their built-in oven product category. This is a porcelain plate which has a tapered face, to cover the bottom heating element which makes it easy to rub away any spillage.

They also construct innovative microwaves filled with people friendly characteristics. These features include the ability to deice meats and poultry quickly, eleven variable power levels, and instant reheat keys that save time. There are also special features that enable home owners to keep food warm for half an hour as well as a unique popcorn sensor that cooks microwave popcorn automatically.