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Oven Home Appliance Repair8 Top Tips for Safe Home Appliance Repair

These days most people can’t function without waht many consider basic home Home Appliance Repairappliances such as air conditioners, washing machines, microwave ovens, etc. Since these are man made machines, they are destined to get break down or malfunction at one time or other and finding a way to repair your home appliance becomes a major concern. While almost everyone has the ability take care of minor home appliance repairs, utmost care should be taken not to injure yourself or damage the appliance further by using hit & miss methods.

Some Important Dos and Don’ts to Help With Your Home Appliance Repairs

1. Do not open or attempt to open your appliance if it is still under warranty. Any tampering with the appliance would nullify this warranty, which otherwise would take care of the repairs at no cost to you

2. If the home appliance repair is for an appliance that has no warranty, do not open it unless you have a good idea about it; lest you will damage it further.

3. Try as much as possible to consult a trained technician for your appliance repair; in this way you will uncover the problem accurately and with the least delay. Even if the trained technician is costlier, it pays to use one since it will save you time and further damage of the appliance, which would result from an untrained hand or self-repair.

4. Do not ever open or attempt to open an electric appliance without disconnecting it from the main power supply. Ignoring this advice could result into major tragedy, as it is very common to be electrocuted through such a mistake.

5. If you have no other choice, and need to repair the appliance yourself, try using the manual and if possible consult (over the phone) a company technician. In most cases, the manual gives sufficient information to help you get through minor to medium types of repair. Do not attempt any major repairs unless you know what you are doing.

6. Do keep adequate tools available in case you like to do your own home appliance repairs. The minimum basics would be to have an Ohmmeter and a voltage meter with which you could determine whether the fault is due to electrical shortage or voltage fluctuation.

7. Have adequate lighting and support when you work on home appliance repairs so you will be able to see comfortably and hold all the tiny screws and parts carefully for re-assembling with ease.

8. No matter where you live, it is always a good backup plan to identify a good service center for your appliances. That way if and when you have trouble form any of them, you will know whom to contact. This will ease mind a great deal when enevitably your home appliance goes on the “fritz”.